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Ava is a young architect who strives to build the future, but first she needs to rebuild herself. She faces her symptoms of PTSD from sexual assault and works to move from surviving to thriving. With the help of a supportive, but fumbling, group of friends and mentors, Ava ultimately finds her voice again and realizes the future she was always trying to build.




Jenna Cox-Hadley is the composer, lyricist, and playwright for Wait for Her, an original musical. 


Jenna grew up in a musical and mixed-race family in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Throughout her education, she distinguished herself with her creative mash-ups, ear for harmonies, and musical leadership. 


She majored in Mathematics and Russian at the U.S. Naval Academy, while singing in the Gospel Choir--including a performance for President Obama and Tom Hanks at the Kennedy Center. Jenna also studied opera, tap dancing, Irish step dancing, and, at Wheaton College, jazz voice to deepen her creative skill-set. Jenna's deep empathy, career adjustment from Navy to theater maker, and wide cross-cultural experiences in Central Asia, Turkey, and Germany give her a rich palette of artistic inspiration.

While in college, Jenna's heart broke learning how many women—many of whom she was close to—had experienced sexual assault. Jenna began writing Wait for Her, hoping that her grief and intensive research on trauma could be transformed into a life-giving and healing story for survivors and their communities.


Jenna is a member of Broadway producer Ken Davenport’s Inner Circle and is following a path to production for her musical Wait for Her. She is currently collaborating on another musical about Irish legend Deirdre of the Sorrows and has composed the music for the kids’ audio book Elly the Elephant, accessible on Audible. She has plans for two more original musicals that she will begin work on in 2022.

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